Ziggy Marley


David Nesta Marley (better known as “Ziggy Marley”) was born in 1968 in Jamaica, the oldest son to legendary musician Bob Marley. Ziggy Marley’s musical debut was when he was barely ten years old; he and his siblings sang with their father on the song “Children Playing in the Streets.” As a young man, Ziggy founded the Melody Makers, releasing their debut album, Play the Game Right, in 1985.

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers released a string of successful albums in the coming years: Conscious Party (1988), One Bright Day (1989), Jahmekya (1991), Joy and Blues (1993), Free Like We Want 2 Be (1995), Fallen is Babylon (1997), and Spirit of Music (1999.) Although they scored a number of hits, such as “True to Myself” and “People Get Ready,” in the 1990’s, Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers found their popularity declining. After Spirit of Music, Ziggy Marley spent the next few years delving into politics and humanitarian endeavors, and in 2003, he embarked on a solo career which would prove to be highly successful.

Dragonfly was released in 2003, followed by Love is My Religion in 2006, both to critical acclaim; Love is My Religion earned Ziggy Marley a Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album. Since then, Ziggy Marley has released a number of successful albums, including: Family Tree (2009), Wild and Free (2011), and In Concert (2012.) In addition to his achievements in music, Ziggy Marley has is politically active, especially as a proponent for the legalization of marijuana, and he has founded the charity Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment, seeking to assist children in Africa and Jamaica. He has also contributed his music and voice to a number of films and television shows including Shark Tale, 50 First Dates, and Sesame Street.

Ziggy Marley is still active, performing and recording regularly. He divides his time between his residences in Florida, Jamaica, and California.

Ziggy Marley Song List

  • “Beach In Hawaii”
  • “True To Myself”
  • “ Love is My Religion”

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