Soulive was founded in Woodstock, New York, by brothers Neal and Alan Evans and musician Eric Krasno. Soulive’s debut LP, Turn it Out, was released in the late 1990’s and went on to become a strong-selling independent release, spurning the band onto the funk/jazz scene. Extensive national tours followed, with Soulive opening for some of music’s most well-respected performers, including The Roots, John Mayer, the Rolling Stones, and the Dave Matthews Band. The added exposure and increased popularity helped Soulive to garner their first record deal in late 2000.

Soulive’s first album with Blue Note Records, Doin’ Something, came quickly after, followed by label changes and additional albums: Break Out (2005), Stax Records (2007), and Up Here (2009), and a number of live releases: Live in San Francisco (2009), Live at the Blue Note Tokyo (2010), and Rubber Soulive (2010.) Most recently, Soulive released the album Spark in 2012, and the band continues to perform and record, often at major music festivals and with some of music’s most notable performers.

Soulive Song List

  • “Doin’ Something”
  • “Romantic”
  • “One In Seven”

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