Howie Day


Howie Day’s first demo contained a selection of cover songs, coupled with two original tracks, “Lick My Lips” and “Buzzing.” Day followed up in 1988 with another demo that nixed the cover songs and focused only on his original music. Eventually, Sony signed Howie Day and re-released Australia in 2002. The album did well commercially, on the strength of hits such as “Ghost” and “Sorry, So Sorry.” Stop All the World Now followed in 2003, and was an even bigger hit. The single “Collide,” in particular, expanded Howie Day’s exposure significantly, when it was featured in a number of television shows, including One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy, and used in the promotional trailer for Pride and Prejudice in 2005. With Stop All the World Now rising on the charts, Howie Day released Live From… in 2005, featuring Day’s cover of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” (originally by Crowded House.) Sound the Alarm followed in 2009, and so did additional tour dates. Having toured for nearly five years prior to his album releases, and then for another three years after, Howie Day decided it was time to take a break before releasing Ceasefire in 2011, which features outtakes from Sound the Alarm. Day has plans for additional studio albums and tours in the future.

Howie Day Song List

  • “Perfect Time Of Day”
  • “Collide”
  • “She Says”
  • “Be There”

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