Eric Clapton


In the mid 1960’s, Eric Clapton formed Cream with Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. With hit singles like “White Room” and “Sunshine of Your Love,” his popularity as a distinctive guitarist outlived the band’s existence, and by the time they’d released their final album in 1968, Eric Clapton was ready to move on. A string of successful albums continued throughout the rest of the 1970’s and 1980’s, including There’s One in Every Crowd (1975), No Reason to Cry (1976), Slowhand (1977), Backless (1978), Another Ticket (1981), Money and Cigarettes (1983), Behind the Sun (1985), August (1986), and Journeyman (1989.) Most recently, Eric Clapton has delighted audiences with a string of notable performances with some of rock’s greatest legends. He performed with Steve Winwood at Madison Square Garden in 2008 and began his own summer tour later that same year, hitting a number of US cities and the moving on to Europe.  In 2009 he joined the Allman Brothers at New York’s Beacon Theater for their 40th celebration, and in May of that year he performed at the Royal Albert Hall. Eric Clapton has plans for future tours and performances, possibly additional new material as well.

Eric Clapton Song List

  • “Layla”
  • “After Midnight”
  • “Lay Down Sally”
  • “Wonderful Tonight”
  • “Cocaine”
  • “Tears In Heaven
  • “Promises”
  • “Lay Down Sally”
  • “Hello Old Friend”
  • “I Shot the Sheriff”
  • “I’ve Got A Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart”
  • “Forever Man”
  • “Bad Love”

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