Burning Man Fashion

Burning Man fashion has come a long way since the formation of the festival in 1986. The people that started the festival were part of a turbid, free spirited cultural society. The festival is an amazing event celebrating art, music, fashion, and creativity. Burner fashion includes extreme innovation. In this case what do you wear to Burning Man?

This is the one time of year you get to express your creativity and be free from any judgment. This festival is all about fantasies and creating your own identity. Everything and anything goes! Some burners prep for costumes months before the festival. Showing up like they belong in an art display case for contemporary art.

 Costumes are often homemade or custom made. This doesn’t mean everyone needs to go out and get a custom made costume or over spend to look the part. There are a lot of cheap resources. One is, The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, CA. The outfit below was put together from different vendors at the market and all of it was less than $40!


Don’t fall into the idea of having to look like everyone else or having to look a certain way. This isn’t High School, where people arbiter you for not wearing brand name clothing. This is Burning Man, where people celebrate diversity and art turned into a garment. Remember, this festival is a place you are not going to be judged at. So be yourself, or be someone, or something that you’ve always fantasized about. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone! Here are a few photos from Burning Man 2013.

fashion2 fashion3 fashion4 fashion5 fashion6 fashion7

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