Bob Seger


In the 1970’s, Bob Seger became an iconic figure for “heartland rock,” selling millions of albums and giving us classics such as “Against the Wine” and “Old Time Rock & Roll.” His success lasted full-force well into the 1980’s, and he continues to record and perform in the new millennium. Bob Seger formed the Silver Bullet Band in 1975, and that same year he released the album Beautiful Loser. The album was supported with an extensive tour, helping to bring the album to the forefront and garner it some grassroots support. By the time Bob Seger released Live Bullet in the year following, he’d found himself a home on the charts. Live Bullet went gold, spending over three years on the charts, and eventually went quadruple platinum. Night Moves followed in 1976, giving audiences the hits “Mainstreet,” “Rock & Roll Never Forgets,” and the title track. Bob Seger followed in 1978 with Stranger in Town, with the hits “Hollywood Nights,” “Old Time Rock & Roll,” and “We’ve Got Tonight.” Against the Wind followed in 1980, Nine Tonight in 1981, The Distance in 1982, and Like a Rock in 1986. Like a Rock was a surprise success for Bob Seger. Early Seger Vol. 1 followed in 2009, which contained Bob Seger’s material from the 1970’s and 1980’s, and a tour followed in 2011, producing yet another compilation album, Ultimate Hits: Rock and Roll Never Forgets.

Bob Seger Song List

  • “Night Moves”
  • “The Fire Down Below”
  • “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”
  • “Shakedown”
  • “Old Time Rock and Roll”
  • “Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man”
  • “Turn The Page”
  • “Main Street”
  • “Hollywood Nights”
  • “Against The Wind”
  • “Shame On The Moon”
  • “Midnight Rider”
  • “Still the Same”
  • “We’ve Got Tonight”
  • “Fire Lake”
  • “Shame on the Moon”
  • “Understanding”
  • “Like a Rock”
  • “The Real Love”

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